Minimum age of the driver must be 19 years old. The driver must have a national or international driving license issued at least 12 months prior to the rental date. Driver license must be appropriately for the A, A1, A2, AM, or B category. The person who is renting the scooter must be present at the time and place of rental and present a valid driving license on his name to the rental company’s representative.


The rental duration is the total number of hours/days between delivery and return of the scooter. Renting can be done for a minimum of 12 hours. For delays in returning the scooter, penalties are to be paid in amount of 10% of the rental price/day for each hour delayed. Penalties are due after overcoming 30 minutes from the time when the vehicle had to be returned.

The vehicle will be delivered at the date, location and time determined together with the client. The client will receive in advance from the rental company all information related to the meeting with the agent and contact details of the person who will deliver the vehicle. After meeting with the agent, the client will sign the rental papers, will pay the cost of rent and deposit, will check the vehicle and use it until the end of the rental period. The vehicle will be delivered to the client with a full tank. MTPL (insurance) is included in the rental price. Gasoline is not included in the price of a rental. By way of exception, for a rent of more than 4 days, gasoline will be offered free of charge within 1 (one) tank  per rental period.

In the last rental day the customer will bring the vehicle at the location and time established with the agent and mentioned in the lease. The vehicle must be returned with a full tank (otherwise the customer will pay the difference to the full fuel priced at 7 lei / liter). The customer will pay penalties if he loses the vehicle keys or documents (600 lei). The vehicle will be rented with a clean outside surface and will be returned in the same conditions, otherwise the customer will pay penalties (30 lei). To receive / return vehicle on a free day / holiday, an additional fee of 50 lei will apply versus the normal rental fees.


For a vehicle rental, the customer must present an original driving license (category A, A1, A2 or AM) which must be issued at least 3 months before the date on which the renting takes place. The vehicle can not be rented based on an original copy of the license, although a copy of the driving license must also be provided at the time of the pick-up.

To rent a vehicle, besides a valid driving license, the customer must present a valid passport / valid ID issued on his/her name.

The lease is the document signed by the client and the rental company. This is the only document used in a litigation situation. Client should read the lease carefully before signing because he will have to agree to the terms and conditions written in the contract and the rental company whose name is listed in the contract, will be responsible for the services offered.


After signing a lease, the customer has to pay in advance the cost of renting. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card (MasterCard, Visa). For bank card processing the client will not pay any additional fees. There are situations where certain vehicles can be reserved only by paying by credit card (not debit). The rental price mentioned in the lease contract is final and includes a maximum of 200km/rental day, helmet, anti-theft chain and MTPL (insurance). Any particular situations will be discussed separately.

VAT is an indirect tax levied on the value set and added in each stage of production and distribution of economic goods, whatever their origin, in indigenous production or import. Its value is 24%, a percentage applied to the price of product or service. Our rental company is not liable for VAT, so the prices displayed are final prices, VAT does not apply.

Payment in advance, where appropriate, represents the amount that the customer is required to pay by the rental company for booking a vehicle. This amount represents the value of the minimum 12 hours rental and will be subtracted from the total amount charged for the rental. On the day of rental, the customer will only pay the difference between the total amount and the amount paid in advance. If the customer fails to pick-up the booking, this advance payment will be lost by the client. A booking can also be confirmed, if necessary, by debiting a credit/debit card  for an amount representing the value of the minimum 12 hours rental. This amount will be retained by the rental company only if the customer will not show up for the rental. If the customer is present for the rent, the amount is transferred back in the customer’s account and he will pay the entire rental amount under the contract. The transfer will be done within 24 hours.


The mileage included in the rental fee of the vehicle is 200km/rental day, any exceeding of this limit will be charged with an extra 3lei/km.

If the vehicle is returned by the client in a different location, different from the one specified in the contract, the client will have to pay an additional fee depending on the distance from the location specified in the contract to the drop-off location – 10 lei/service (pick-up or drop-off) – inside Bucharest.

If the client loses the keys and/or vehicle documents, he will pay an additional fee of 600lei.

Anyone else other than the customer renting the vehicle, who will drive the vehicle rented by the customer, will be considered an additional driver. If the vehicle was driven by a person other than the person who rented the vehicle or the persons indicated in Annex to contract, liability for the damages caused by a road accident will fall with the customer, in solidarity with the person involved in the event, the rental company having the right of tracking any of the two, to recover the damages.

The vehicle will be received by the customer with a full tank of gas. The vehicle must be returned with a full tank (otherwise the customer will pay the difference to the full fuel priced at 7 lei / liter).


To ensure the use of the vehicle by the customer in good conditions and guaranteeing its return on time and with all accessory that has been rented, the rental company is allowed to deduct from the customer a warranty amount. At the end of the contract, the rental company is allowed to deduct the equivalent penalties for delays or any damages brought to the vehicle and has the obligation to refund the deposit if the vehicle has been returned on time and in good condition with its normal use wear. The deposit can vary between 400-600 lei, depending on the case. This information will be available to the customer before signing the lease. The deposit is then refunded after checking the technical condition and body work of the vehicle. For damages suffered by the vehicle by customer’s fault, additional driver or unknown author, the deposit is retained partial or total depending on the extent of the damage. The deposit also represents the franchise for damages and it will be retained in full in the event of an accident.


Customer is responsible for any violation of traffic rules including payment of parking fees or other charges. Police will send a request to the rental company asking information about the driver who evade traffic laws by driving the rented vehicle at a certain date and time. The rental company then sends police the lease contract and customer information and the police sends the customer the fine.


In case of an accident, the customer undertakes the obligation that in the shortest possible time, to announce both the rental company and police and to report to the nearest police station to obtain a proof of accident report from the police until the end of the rental period. If the customer does not have this proof, it assumes responsibility for all the costs of repair. Insurance (MTPL) is applicable only if the lessee shows the reports issued by the police for this matter. If the lessee does not have this report, he is the only responsible party to cover all the payment amounts for outstanding damages and accepts to making this payment.

If the customer is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicines or narcotics, the responsibility for paying for the costs for the accident damages rests entirely on the customer. In case of an accident, the client must immediately announce the rental company about its occurrence.


The insurance package offered in the rental price includes: motor third party liability insurance (MTPL). Theft and vandalism insurance are not available. Any special situation related to insurance is clarified upon request by customer service.


The images presented on the website are not pictures of the actual scooter that will be rented. They are designed to help the customer make an idea of the models offered for rent.